PhotoPills – Capture Unique Moments

PhotoPills – Capture Unique Moments

If you are an aspiring or professional photographer, investing in the correct equipment is of utmost importance. In fact, the type of software that you make use of can be the difference between taking mediocre and amazing shots. 

In this article, we will be discussing PhotoPills, an innovative photography app that is growing massively in popularity. We will mention exactly how this tool can be used, a number of key features that it includes, and where it can be downloaded. 

  • What Is PhotoPills?
  • How Does PhotoPills Work?
  • Key Features of PhotoPills
  • How to Download PhotoPills
  • How Much Does it Cost to Use PhotoPills?
  • Why PhotoPills?
  • Who Is PhotoPills for?
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • What’s New?
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What Is PhotoPills?

Before you can think about downloading PhotoPills, you should know exactly what the app is and how it can be used.

Image Source: PhotoPills

Unlike most other photography platforms, PhotoPills can be used to enhance your outdoor photography skills

Have you ever tried capturing a picture of the moon or sun and been left disappointed with the outcome? This is where PhotoPills comes in. 

This powerful new smartphone tool combines sun and moon prediction technology, location shoot planning, and calculators for proper exposure.

How Can it Be Used?

In other words, the app can be used to turn any sun, moon, or Milky Way scene into an incredible picture. Your photography skills will truly be taken to the next level with this platform. 

PhotoPills can be used for a number of purposes. This app allows photographers to plan their shots beforehand, ensuring that they capture the best photo possible. 

If you would like a perfect picture of the moon, you can simply use the timetable feature to determine which time and location is best. 

How Does PhotoPills Work?

PhotoPills will work as your personal assistant in all photographic matters. Whether you are looking to properly plan your shoots or edit photographs, this app is perfect for you.

Image Source: PhotoPills

As we will mention below, this platform includes a lot of features that make it incredibly helpful and versatile. 

To use the app, you will need to start by using the sun, moon, or Milky Way finder. Once you have determined the perfect time of day and location for your shoot, you can simply capture the image using your device. 

Afterwards, you will be able to add filters or other effects to your photograph using the app. 

Easy to Use and Navigate

One of the biggest advantages of using this app is the fact that it is incredibly easy to use and navigate

Many users claim that PhotoPills incorporates every single benefit that they have experienced with a number of different photographic platforms into one convenient app. 

For this reason, it is definitely worth the download. 

Key Features of PhotoPills

As we have already mentioned, PhotoPills includes a number of useful features that will help take your photography to the next level.

Image Source: Expert Photography

One of the most commonly used features has to be the location scouting tool. In short, this can be used to track the sun, moon, or stars, making it much easier to capture that perfect image. 

Another key feature of this app is the information bar. Here, you will find out everything there is to know about solar and lunar events, including supermoon dates. 

This bar also mentions sunrise/sunset times, twilights, golden hour, blue hour, and the moon calendar. 

Augmented Reality

PhotoPills also includes an augmented reality feature. It is important to note that this feature makes use of your device’s compass

In short, you can use augmented reality to add objects to your image that aren’t actually there. 

For example, some users add artificial stars to their images. 

How to Download PhotoPills

PhotoPills is also incredibly easy to download. The type of platform that you use to download the app will depend on the device that you own.

Image Source: Aaron King / YouTube

For example, if you have an Android, you can install PhotoPills using the Google Play store. On the other hand, if you have an iPhone, the app can be downloaded through the App Store

PhotoPills is also available for use on laptop and desktop devices. To install the app, you can simply visit the official PhotoPills website

Here, you will find the necessary instructions on how to install the platform. 

The PhotoPills Website

If you are looking for any additional information regarding the PhotoPills app, it is recommended that you visit their official website. 

Their page is very informative and discusses exactly how the app can be used. 

Also, it will go into depth on the different features and how to use them. 

How Much Does it Cost to Use PhotoPills?

One of the biggest downfalls associated with PhotoPills is the cost of the app

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With that being said, many users claim that the price tag is reasonable when you look at the number of features and functions offered.

You will have two different options when downloading PhotoPills. You could choose to pay an upfront cost and have access to the platform indefinitely. 

On the other hand, if you think that you will only be using the app for a certain period of time, you could pay a monthly subscription. That way, you will end up paying less for a limited service. 

The Upfront Cost

The upfront cost is relatively hefty when compared to other photography apps. 

With that being said, PhotoPills is an innovative tool that many professional photographers use. 

For this reason, you should expect to pay more for a good service. In total, the upfront cost of PhotoPills is just under $10

Why PhotoPills?

There are plenty of photography apps on the market for you to choose from. With that being said, what makes PhotoPills so impressive?

Image Source: PhotoPills

As we discussed, this app includes several useful features that many competitor apps do not. For example, you will struggle to find another platform that tracks the position of the sun, moon, and stars. 

On top of this, PhotoPills offers plenty of inspiration. You will be able to browse through various articles to find tutorials on how to use the different features. 

In this way, the app can also be used to improve your overall photography skills. Even though this platform is still relatively new, it is quickly becoming one of the biggest photography apps out there. 

Nothing Like it

Capturing quality images of the moon, sun, and stars can be tricky. If you find your inspiration in the sky, then PhotoPills is the perfect app for you. 

There is truly no platform quite like it. 

Not only does it include a number of great features and tools, but it is also very easy to use and navigate. 

Who Is PhotoPills for?

PhotoPills is used by many professional and amateur photographers. 

Image Source: Expert Photographer

This app makes taking amazing shots a little bit easier, which makes it perfect for anybody who is looking to improve their skills.

This app is specifically designed to improve the overall quality of moon, sun, and star photography. 

For this reason, if you find your inspiration in the sky, PhotoPills may be the perfect tool for you

Versatile Options

PhotoPills offers a little something for everyone. 

With a number of impressive filters, you will be able to edit your images so that they meet your standards. 

This platform is recommended by a number of professional photographers, so it is definitely worth the try. 

Reviews and Ratings

The reviews of the PhotoPills app describe just how impressive the tool actually is.

Image Source: PhotoPills

Most users claim that the price tag is more than worth it. 

On top of this, the augmented reality feature is extremely popular, as it can be used to perfectly line up your images. 

You can visit the official PhotoPills website to view all reviews and ratings of the app. 

Is it Recommended by Users?

In short, this app is definitely recommended by most users. 

Plenty of professional photographers use PhotoPills to edit and enhance their images

If you would like to take your skills to the next level, look no further than PhotoPills. 

What’s New?

PhotoPills is constantly undergoing changes to make the app that much more useful.

Image Source: Medium

In fact, new features are currently in the works, meaning that you will eventually gain access to even more tools. 

The developers of PhotoPills are always looking for ways to improve the service provided to customers.  

For example, a new competition has been included for all users. 

Regular Bug Fixes

Every month, one photograph is selected and named ‘Photo of the Month’. 

This will help the photographer gain exposure and have their image shared across the platform. 

New updates of the app are constantly being released. This is done to repair any bugs or issues within the coding. 


PhotoPills is one of the most popular photo-editing platforms on the market. This app includes a number of incredibly helpful features that can be used to take your photography to the next level. 

While it is relatively pricey, many users claim that it is completely worth it. If you find inspiration in the sun, moon, or stars, PhotoPills may be perfect for you.