How to Watch Football Livestreams Online From Abroad

We wouldn’t go as far as to say that football can solve all of life’s problems, but it can help with pretty much everything life throws at you. Feeling down? Watch a live game. Nervous? Catch up on last night’s action. Bored with your girlfriend / wife ? Watch highlights from your favourite match.

Whatever your problem, football is the solution.

Fortunately for all football fans out there, the Premier League, La Liga , Serie A , Bundesliga , Ligue 1 , MLS , Champion League , Saudi League is back, which means there is something to watch almost every weekend. But what if you didn’t have access to all of these games? We know this is an absolutely terrifying thought, but it’s important to face your fears.

There really isn’t any need to panic, because there is one effective solution to both of these issues. You can use a VPN to watch the All League this season.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are security tools that provide protection for your information by creating a private network that hides your real IP address. Your online activity is untraceable and secure, because all of your online traffic passes through an encrypted tunnel. Nobody can see into the tunnel, and everything inside the tunnel is protected against online threats like hackers, viruses, and malware.

This act of hiding your real IP address is what tricks streaming sites into thinking you are based in another country.

Do you need a VPN to watch Football livestreams online from abroad?

All broadcasting services have digital borders, meaning not all countries can show Premier League, La Liga , Serie A , Bundesliga , Ligue 1 , MLS , Champion League , Saudi League fixtures. However, with the help of a VPN, you can hide your real IP address and location, which means you can trick leading streaming services into thinking you’re based somewhere with those precious broadcasting rights. It’s all about bypassing online restrictions to watch more content from all over the world.

If you’re abroad with a VPN, you can make Sky or BT Sport think you’re back home by connecting to a server based in the UK. If you’re in the UK without access to these services, you can watch the best sport streaming sites from all over the world by securely connecting to a server in that location and bypassing geo-restrictions.

What is the best VPN for Football livestreams online from abroad?

It’s worth taking some time to properly consider everything in this list, because we have tried to track down something to suit everyone and every budget. Take your pick from the likes of ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark. You just need to pick a favourite and start streaming.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is good at a lot of things, and it’s one of the best looking VPNs for watching sport.


There is a long list of things to look out for when selecting a VPN, and even though interface is not as important as things like encryption and connection speed, it still matters.


NordVPN is great for data and identity protection Security, with a large and diverse collection of servers and a strong set of advanced security tools.

Users get access to thousands of servers located all around the world, and even though it doesn’t offer the fastest speeds, it’s still one of the best services for unblocking streaming sites for watching sport.

Private Internet Access

Best For Server Network

Straightforward VPN that focuses on key principles of online security.

Private Internet Access is probably not your best option for streaming sport, but if your priority is online security and data protection, it should be something to consider.


The best option for watching sport on a bunch of different devices.

Do you stream sport on a number of devices? If the answer is “yes,” you should seriously consider Surfshark. You can connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously with the same plan, which is great for those who like to switch it up.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best apps you can use to watch your favorite teams. The best part is that all of these apps are entirely free! Below are the apps we’ll look at.


The first app to be listed is ESPN. ESPN is a well-known sports streaming app. It is available on the company website and once you have it on your Android or iOS, you will have a great time watching your favorite game on mobile.

It is easy to use this platform and is available on the web and other mobile devices. The app is free to download on both the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.


The LiveScore app has a wide range of games offered in many different languages. It’s a user-friendly platform available for multiple mobile devices on various operating systems.

You can stream live matches or view live scores. Take a look at the videos and archives when you miss a game. This app is available in all countries and you can use the ad-blocker for more quality streaming.

Go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for ‘LiveScore’. Select it from the results to go to the app’s download page. From there click ’Install’ or ‘Get’ to begin downloading to your smartphone device.

CBS Sport

You might already know the popular American television network, CBS. Or you might have seen the “eye” logo when watching, NCIS: Los Angeles, or Young Sheldon. CBS Sports is the sports section of CBS.

CBS Sports offers a free version but it does come with ads. There are two ways to cut through this: by choosing a ‘limited ads’ subscription at $5.99 per month or a completely ad-free subscription that goes for $9.99 per month.

For Android users, visit the Google Play Store and locate the app by searching for ‘CBS Sports’.

For iOS users, search ‘CBS Sports’ in the search bar of the App Store, click ‘Get’ to download to your mobile phone.