How to Simulate Tennis Shoes Try-On: Wanna Kicks App

How to Simulate Tennis Shoes Try-On: Wanna Kicks App

Online shoe shopping can be quite tricky. You are not alone if you are baffled by the decisions to be made regarding color, size, and style. The perceived risk is one of the biggest woes of online shoe shopping.

Thanks to technological advancements, you can now shop from home without worrying whether the tennis shoes will suit your style. The Wanna Kicks app is perfect for sneaker-heads and technology geeks.

In this article, you can read all about how the app connects kicks and augmented reality to enhance your shopping experience. Let’s dive deeper for an outside-the-box styling experience.

  • About Wanna Kicks
  • Best Features of Wanna Kicks
  • How to Try On Tennis Shoes with Wanna Kicks
  • Perks of the Wanna Kicks App
  • Positive Reviews of the App
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About Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks by WANNA is a novel way to shop for tennis shoes. The app offers an AR-enabled futuristic experience and lets you virtually try on sneakers before you decide to buy them. Now, you can choose a pair of kicks from an elaborate list of 3D models.

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The virtual tennis shoes try-on simulator is a great way to see how certain shoes would look on your feet without going to the store. You can simply try on different shoes using your phone without the hassle of taking them on and off over and over until you find the perfect pair.

Wanna Kicks features a collection of classic sneakers and also some fresh drops. Regardless of where you are, you can instantly try on the shoes and even send photos to friends to ask for their feedback. Dropping a bombshell, you can relish the new drops every week to satisfy your sneaker fanatic heart.

Wanna Kicks is the perfect app for shoe lovers. It is an online marketplace for online shoppers who are eager to know whether the shoes will fit their style. The app is so easy to use; anyone over the age of four can have fun trying on different sneakers.

How to Download Wanna Kicks

You too can take advantage of this ease to use Wanna Kicks app by downloading it on your device. It is available for free on the Google Play Store for users with Android 5.0 or any latest Android version. All one has to do is type the name of the app in the search bar and click on install to begin the fun.

Users of iOS devices with iOS 11.2 or any newer version can download it from the App Store. Interestingly, Apple users can also take advantage of the Family Sharing feature and share the app with up to six family members.

Though the app is free to install and use, in-app purchases are also included that cost up to $2.99 for Last Future ‘Obscure In Bloom’. The premium version to browse Gucci Virtual 25 costs only $8.99. Otherwise, browsing most of the catalog in the app is free.

Best Features of Wanna Kicks

If you hate spending hours at the mall trying to choose the most suitable pair of sneakers, consider this app a lifesaver. Just relax at home and let the camera do the job for you. The AR effect is quite instant. Wanna Kicks utilizes 3D geometry algorithms and neural networks to identify the shoe’s position.

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The app will track your movements and change the view depending on how you change the camera angle or rotate your feet. You can try walking and the Wanna Kicks shoe will follow your footsteps on screen.

The simple app interface works great when you want to window shop for other popular brands. By using the handy share option, you ask your friend for some advice before making a purchase. Check out the extensive features of the app to have a better idea of the notion.

Regular Updates of Fresh Styles

Needless to say, Wanna Kicks is a state-of-the-art technological app for shoe or sneaker enthusiasts. After all, it helps users enjoy a virtual trial of the shoes from their favorite brands across the world. Yes, the app features products from all sorts of remarkable brands including NIKE, Adidas, Yeezy, Vans, and more.

For the customers, the app is much more than just technology. The window shopping experience via Wanna Kicks is ultimate as users can have their hands on new sneakers drops every year. Simply put, the more variety you have, the more fun you will have.

Users can also enjoy the app by sharing their favorite releases with friends and family. Thus, it is the best choice for virtually flaunting your stunning shoe style statement or to seek suggestions from fashionista pals.

How to Try On Tennis Shoes with Wanna Kicks

Wanna Kicks features a wide range of products from big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Vans. Upon successfully downloading the app, you can browse through all the options until you find the tennis shoes that you like.

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After you have chosen a pair (or three!) of sneakers, it’s time to try them on. To try on a shoe, simply point your camera at your feet and let Wanna Kicks do the work. In an instant, you will be virtually wearing the footwear of your choice.

You can also move your feet to see how the sneakers look from different angles. Much like your normal shoe shopping experience, you can also walk around and see how the shoes fit on your feet.

After installing the Wanna Kicks app on your Android smartphone or iPhone, users can instantly try the kicks on their feet. Here’s how you can make the most of it.


Having an understanding of the 3D model on the app will help to make better use of its features. Moreover, this also assists users in identifying the popular and not-so-popular items of the app.

In this way, they can also get to know the unfamiliar brands and discounts, which may be quite beneficial for them. The Wanna Kicks app allows plentiful options in shoes to try, including the latest releases.

Make the best use of the option to stay at the front of hot trends and regularly browse the catalog and updated list of partner brands to be the first one to know when the new item drops in the chart.

Perks of the Wanna Kicks App

The significant notion behind the development of Wanna Kicks is to stamp out the modern-day challenges prevailing in the fashion world, which is a risk of inappropriate fitting when shopping online.

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Equipped with augmented reality, the app offers 3D models to let users try branded shoes virtually before heading to the store to make the purchase, or purchasing online.

Other than a high-end user experience, the app also offers uniqueness empowered by neural networks and 3D geometry algorithms.

The bespoke approach is another key benefit that die-hard fashionistas can enjoy, especially those who like to don fashion products that allow for a touch of personalization.

Cons of the App

Though there are endless pros of the Wanna Kicks app, it still needs to be a little advance in order to be known as seamless. The major downside of the app is that its models are a bit cartoonish. Besides, it also makes users face glitches when they move their camera to gaze at the entire foot.

In short, the app entails the addition of minimal new features like the freedom to move the camera over the shoes, the option to choose among different shoelaces, and the ability to capture the shoe trial for later use.

However, as long as the drawbacks of the app do not overshadow its benefits, Wanna Kicks is and will stay on the list of the best apps.

Positive Reviews

The Wanna Kicks app is rated 3+ on the Google Play Store and a huge 4.9 on the Apple App Store.

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The attributes such as easy-to-use, smooth layout, and advanced technological models add the benefit of impeccable user experience.

Users report finding the visual of the experience really cool and effective. They love being able to try on the latest releases, and even some luxury designer brands they wouldn’t have otherwise been able to try on.

Some Criticisms Of The App

While there is hardly any strict criticism for the app, users have definitely proposed some suggestions for further improvements and debugging.

According to all those suggestions and comments, the app would be much better if it offers more options in shoes for trial or have a search bar for easy discovery of users’ favorite shoes.


Wanna Kicks is an amazing way to eliminate the hassle related to shoe shopping. Now you can choose footwear that suits you without even going to the mall.

What’s more fantastic is that it also comprises the option to share the releases and trials with friends. Wanna Kicks helps you to enjoy window shopping and shoe trial sessions in full swing and from the comfort of your own home.