eSound App – See How to Download

eSound App – See How to Download

There are many music streaming sites, but there are rare apps with free and unlimited listening time. Most of these apps require subscriptions to access the songs or use unlimited skips. 

The eSound app is one of those rare streaming apps that allows us to listen to music anytime and anywhere unlimitedly. As users, we have access to its library of 150 million songs. 

There are so many other things we can enjoy on the eSound app in order to have a great listening experience. Learn more about the eSound app and its features below. 

  • Discovering the eSound App
  • Exploring the eSound App
  • Searching for Songs on eSound
  • Playing a Song on eSound
  • Knowing the Top Playlist and Rankings
  • Customizing Our Listening Experience

Discovering the eSound App

When I discovered the eSound app, it immediately piqued my interest with its incredibly massive music library

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Initially, I thought their promise of 150 million songs to be unrealistic, but the eSound proves it to be true.

Since its release in 2018, eSound has slowly become a popular MP3 player and music streaming app. The app has over 5 million downloads and 1 million active users. 

One of the app’s appeals is the ability to create unlimited playlists from its online tracks. With this, I can customize and personalize my streaming experience on the app. 

Getting the eSound App

Spicy Sparks launched the eSound app to let people listen to music without limits. The team ensures that everyone has access to the app by making it free to download on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store

I used my Facebook account or email address to sign up for an account, as required by the app. Then, I provide a password to secure the account. Setting up our account on eSound means providing my name and selecting three artists that I like. 

Users only need one account for eSound as our music library will be synced across unlimited devices. To listen on other devices, I just need to sign in using my registered email address.

Exploring the eSound App 

There is an overview of the app’s main features upon installation. It explains that I can enjoy unlimited music for free, forever, and that I can create playlists and mark my favorite artists. 

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I can also listen to the continuously updated trends, mixes, and charts worldwide. It is also possible to import songs and add them to my library, making them available offline. 

It is also important to explore the app when first using it. On the home screen, there are three main tabs – Home, Library, and Search. 

The Home tab contains the top playlists and rankings, while the Library houses our customized and saved playlists. The last one, Search, allows us to search for a specific song, artist, playlist, or album I would like to play.

About eSound Premium

I can enjoy unlimited music on the eSound app because I do not have limited skips. However, there is a downside that may greatly affect your listening experience – ads.

Non-premium users will experience intrusive ads from time to time. Thus, it is advisable to subscribe to eSound Premium to remove these ads. The Premium plan costs $1.99 per month.

Other in-app purchases are available for a better experience on eSound that ranges from $1.99 to $14.99 per item.

Searching for Songs on eSound

It will take time to explore the millions of songs on the app. To narrow it down, I typically look for specific songs, artists, or albums that I am into at the moment. I use the Search tab a lot to find this music.

Here, I can search for song titles, artists’ names, album titles, and playlists. Moreover, the app provides a list of music genres that may fit my mood or preference. 

Each genre also has a list of song tracks that I can explore. I can choose from genres like pop, rap/hip hop, rock, dance, R&B, alternative, electro, folk, reggae, jazz, classical, films, games, metal, soul & funk, kinds, and blues. 

Playlists also focus on music from different cultures and places around the world like African, Asian, Brazilian, Indian, and Latin. 

Creating Playlists

Creating playlists on the app is easy. I just go to the Library tab and click “Create Playlist.” I create playlists for different purposes and moods. For example, I have playlists that I have created for workouts, studying, morning coffees, parties, and many other daily moments.

The eSound app allows me to add a title and photo to my playlists. I can also add a nice bio or short description. 

Once I’ve finished updating the playlists’ info, I click the “Create It!” button to start adding songs

Playing a Song on eSound

Upon searching for the song I want to listen to, all I need to do is hit the Play button, and the app will automatically start playing the selected song without any buffer or loading time required.

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Other options include saving the song to our favorites list, which acts as a bookmark for future reference. Also, I can save the song or album offline to play it anywhere anytime, even if I do not have an internet connection.

When I play a song using a playlist, the app follows the arrangement of the songs on the list. However, I can rearrange them using the “Add to player queue” option to create my personalized music queue list. 

Also, it will be easy for me to add the song that is currently playing to one of my playlists. I just have to look for the “Add to playlist” button and click the playlist accordingly.

Other Things You Can Do While Playing a Song

Another thing I can do while playing the song is to view the artist page. With this, I can check the entire discography of the artist. The eSound app allows me to explore the artist’s songs and albums in one place. 

Moreover, I can ask my friends to listen to a great song I found on the app. I can share the song across messaging apps like Messenger, WhatsApp, and email. It is also possible to share the song on my Instagram Feed or Story, Twitter, and Facebook Feed. 

Lastly, I can flag or report the songs that I encounter problems with when playing. I just needed to tap the “Fix this song” button.

Knowing the Top Playlist and Rankings

Like any streaming site and app, the eSound app provides the top playlists of different genres and rankings across different countries worldwide. The app updates the playlist regularly depending on what is trending at the present moment. 

The top playlists on the Home tab shows 50 songs for each playlist. For example, I can find Hits of the Moment, Chill Hits, 2010s Pop, Top K-Pop, TikTok Hits, lofi hip hop, 2010s Ballads. 

I can check the songs that people from different countries are listening to at the moment. The eSound app shows the Rankings playlists with the Top 50 in different countries or regions globally.

Some of these countries are Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Egypt, France, Germany, Indonesia, Japa, Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and the USA. I can also check the Top 50 hits from Around the World on this tab. 

Casting Devices and Disabling Explicit Content

Another interesting feature of the app is casting the device by searching for other streaming devices. With this, I can easily turn up the party by connecting on several speakers. 

Also, I can listen to a song with other people simultaneously, even if we are apart. 

Since eSound does not ask for the users’ age, the app allows me to disable explicit content on the Settings tab. The app will automatically remove songs with explicit content from the playlist or shuffle queue.

Customizing Our Listening Experience

The app values our listening experience, so there are several ways to customize the player and library to fit our preferences. If I want to use the options for the player, I just need to log in to my YouTube account. 

First, I turn on music videos while playing a song on the app. The app will automatically show the music video for it that’s been uploaded onto YouTube.

The app also asks me if I want to show the album art while on the lock screen. This also lets me play the song even when my phone is locked.

Lastly, I can set the sleep timer for the app. There are various options for the duration like five minutes, 10 minutes, up to 240 minutes. This feature is helpful, especially if I am using the app before sleeping.

Knowing the Library and Theme Options

The app also offers options for the library or the playlists I create. I can download the songs directly, show cloud import, and reload and sync the library. The thumbnails can also be enabled. 

The last option allows me to adjust the look of the app through its theme. I can choose between Automatic, Light, or Dark themes.


The eSound app boasts itself as a music streaming app without limits because it gives users unlimited listening time. Users can check out some of the 150 million songs available on the app and create their own awesome playlists. This app has changed the way I stream my music!