Learn How to Download Evernote to Get More Organized

Learn How to Download Evernote to Get More Organized

Technology has taken note-taking to the next level. In the past, I find this process basic and limited, but with the help of technology, I find that note-taking has become so much more. Mobile devices such as phones and tablets have become essential parts of modern note-taking.

The best part is I can choose among a wide variety of note-taking applications for our tablets, phones, and personal computers. For individuals on the go, who are expected to use their notes on their work desktops, I believe that Evernote is the best choice.

Evernote is one of the most functional notes applications out there, offering a wide variety of features that makes making, accessing, and sharing notes more efficient. This article details some of the best qualities and features of Evernote.

  • About Evernote
  • Downloading Evernote
  • Dynamic Note-Taking
  • Organization and Compilation
  • Accessibility and Sharing
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About Evernote

As mentioned, Evernote is a note-taking app that does more than take notes. For us busy individuals, its different tools can help better organize notes and become more productive. The key to achieving this is to take advantage of all the features included in this application.

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It offers different methods of taking notes, to fit your needs, all in one place. This app gives me the option of using pre-set listing modes such as meeting, to-do, and idea notes. If I find the templates lacking, then I can simply make my own from scratch.

As I always have difficulty organizing my notes, I appreciate that Evernote lets me place all my notes in one notebook or in different notebooks. I can categorize each item under a group, making it easier to find the notes I am looking for. I can also add tags for easir sorting and searching.  

One thing that makes Evernote a great choice for me is its great Basic version. This allows me to use all its essential features for free. However, you can choose to get a premium plan for access to exclusive tools. 

Great for Many Uses

I find this application great for everyday use. I can simply pull it up when I come up with ideas for my hobbies, or simply take down a list of things I need to buy, do, or accomplish. 

Aside from personal uses, it is a great companion for work meetings. Business owners can also purchase a Business membership to get additional features. It allows multiple users to collaborate and share their notes in centralized space management by an administrator.

What makes this application great for professionals who value work-life balance is it allows us to use organization tools to separate work-related and personal notes. This way, we can simply go to the right notes when we need them.

Downloading Evernote

For those who are looking to download Evernote, it will come as good news that this application is easy to find on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free. I can use it on most Android devices, as well as iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches running iOS 13.2 or later.

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It currently has more than 100 million installs, proving just how popular this application is. After all, it is being used for personal, educational, and professional purposes. 

Upon successfully downloading and installing the app, all I need to do is to create an account or to log in to an existing one. Then, it will prompt me to choose to try out the trial version of the Premium subscription.

So, even if I do not intend to spend a dime on Evernote, I can get a glimpse of what makes paid memberships a preferable choice for many. Now, it is important to note that this app has a lot of additional values, so you might want to consider getting the Premium version.

Premium Version

Speaking of the Premium subscription, this application provides pretty clear distinctions among its plans. Basic users enjoy limited features such as a limited number of synced devices, maximum note size, and upload limits.

For $7.99 monthly or $69.99 annually, the Premium version allows unlimited synced devices, 20MB maximum note size, and a 10GB monthly upload limit. Moreover, it offers all basic features plus customization and other additional features.

The Business version costs $14.99 per user and covers everything included in Premium and more. It also provides collaboration, management, and data ownership features. Plus, it allows a 20GB monthly upload limit with an added 2GB per user. 

Dynamic Note-Taking

As mentioned above, Evernote is first and foremost a note-taking application with added perks and advantages. So, let us talk about its note-taking abilities. When it comes to creating notes, I find it easy to start using this app with the help of different pre-set types.

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I can easily take control of how I take notes by using different font faces and styles. Plus, I can use bullets and edit the indentation when needed.

The best part is it has an insert tool that allows me to insert images by uploading them or by opening the camera and taking a photo. Other items I can add include tables, audio, code block, attachments, links, dividers, checkboxes, and sketches. 

Using Templates

For a more convenient way to start taking notes, this application offers a library of templates that are designed to fit my goals. I can choose from all kinds of templates including creative writing, Getting Things Done (GTD), Home and Garden, and more.

Upon choosing a template, I automatically get the formatting and all of the insertions within the note. All I now have to do is fill in the empty spaces.

Now, every one of us has our own note-taking style, which means that templates may not work for you. So to make sure that you get the right format every time you create a new note, you can make your own template on paid versions. 

Organization and Compilation

Evernote is designed to be used for a number of purposes, making it vulnerable to disorganization when not managed properly. Another thing I find useful about this app, besides its comprehensive note-taking capabilities, is its organization tools.

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Above, I talked about my ability to create notebooks and classify each note under the right category. It also lets me add tags to make sure that each note is labeled correctly. Aside from this, it lets me sort the notes in different orders. 

Should I fail to find the right file using the system I created, I can simply use the search function. Just type in a word, title, date, or content type, and the app will show every item that fits the description. This app can also search handwritten notes

A management feature for teams is also available on the app through Spaces. With Spaces, I can collect, arrange, and share the notes and files my team needs for different tasks. It also synchronizes every item in the space to ensure that the notes are updated. 

Using the Web Clipper Feature

Sometimes, taking notes is more than just listing down what you have in mind. It can also involve a bit of research, even an extensive one. 

The internet is a great resource, so I personally tend to open my browser to find the right sources. Should I find the best webpage for my needs, Evernote can take note of the page’s contents using the Web Clipper tool. 

It can take screenshots of the entire page or just parts of it. Then, the app has tools that allow me to add screenshots and annotations onto the note.

Accessibility and Synchronization

the Evernote app is available on different platforms, so we have access to content no matter what device we are using. This app makes sure that I can get ahold of my notes across platforms.

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With Evernote, my notes are backed up and synchronized with other devices. So, if I have it on my Android tablet, my personal computer, and my iPhone, I can access each and every one of my notes using any one of my devices.

This is useful for people who work on their ideas and notes while waiting in line, sitting on the bus, or during car rides. Then, can continue working when getting in the office or home computer. This allows us to quickly switch devices when needed. 

Cross-Platform Sharing

Whether working with a team or simply wanting to share an idea with a friend, this application allows easy sharing

It lets users create a shareable link that we can simply send. We can also email a copy or invite someone to view the note.

For added convenience, the app lets users share notes using different platforms such as ShareIt, Facebook feed, Gmail, Dropbox, Messenger, Reddit, Instagram, and many others. It can be shared on almost any platform.


Evernote is one of the most powerful note-taking tools out there. 

With its organization, sharing, and accessibility features, it is always a welcome addition to my work or personal devices used for taking down ideas and details.

Save Old Photos – Learn How to Download Google Drive

Save Old Photos – Learn How to Download Google Drive

Tired of deleting old photos, videos, and other files from your smartphone because you’re running out of storage space? While most smartphones have expandable storage through the use of memory cards, some phone models exclusively rely on internal phone memory.

I remember having to decide which photos I would keep and which ones I would delete to free up space on my device. It was such a difficult task for me because I’m a very sentimental person and deleting old photos on my phone was like erasing an important memory in my life.

Thankfully, I learned about Google Drive, a cloud storage service app from the tech giant. In this article, I will share with you the things I learned about Google Drive, what cloud storage is, how to download the app, and how you can take advantage of everything it offers.

  • About Cloud Storage Services
  • About Google Drive
  • What Makes Google Drive Great
  • How to Download the Google Drive App
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About Cloud Storage Services

In order to understand the Google Drive app, I need to discuss how cloud storage services or file hosting services work. Also known as online file storages or cyberlockers, these are internet hosting services that are designed to host files from users or consumers.

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These services enable users to upload their personal files to an online file storage for the purposes of personal backup, file access, or file distribution. It also allows multiple people to share and collaborate on documents uploaded to these file storages. 

The cloud storage is hosted on multiple server computers owned by the hosting company offering the service. I learned that the Google Drive service is a file sync and sharing service. 

This type of cloud storage service allows users to create folders on their own devices which are then replicated and synchronized by the hosting company so that they will appear the same regardless of where you view them.

Issues Associated with Cloud Storage Services

Just like any other technology, cloud storage services also have their share of issues and controversies. One major issue raised is copyright infringement because these services may be used by people to share files without the owner’s consent. Anti-piracy groups have condemned file-hosting sites for allegedly promoting piracy of music, movies, and other media.

Data security is another concern as companies use multiple physical locations to host user files, meaning more risk of unauthorized physical access to them. Also since this is an internet-based service, accessibility in some areas may be difficult.

Accessibility and longevity issues are also some of the concerns regarding this type of service. Files you uploaded to cloud storages may potentially be lost since these hosting companies may go bankrupt, change their service offering, or be acquired and dissolved by another firm. 

About Google Drive

Google Drive is tech giant Google LLC’s version of cloud storage and synchronization service that gives cloud storage space to users via Google’s servers, synchronizes these files across all devices, and allows them to share access to these files with other users. 

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It offers 15GB worth of free storage via its Google One subscription service. As an iPhone user, having that extra 15GB of storage space is really helpful for me to keep those photos and files that I don’t really immediately need but is still useful or important to me. 

But that’s not all Google Drive has to offer, it also grants access to a suite of office tools similar to Microsoft Office. Google Drive users are given access to word processor Google Docs, spreadsheet program Google Sheets, and presentation tool Google Slides. 

As I mentioned before, Google Drive allows you to share files and collaborate with other users. This is why I was able to give access to files I created from these tools and enable teammates to work on them simultaneously with me.

Available Platforms for Google Drive

When Google Drive was launched in April 2012, it was made available to Windows and macOS users as desktop apps and as a mobile app for Android device users. It can also be accessed through a website interface. Later in June 2012, a mobile app for iOS devices was released.

The desktop app was eventually discontinued in 2018 and was replaced by an app called Backup and Sync, which unified it with the Google Photos desktop app. The company recently announced that the Backup and Sync app will now be unified with Drive File Stream and will be called Google Drive for desktop.

Only Android smartphones and tablets running on Jelly Bean and later are compatible with the Google Drive mobile app while iOS devices need to be running at least iOS 8.

What Makes Google Drive Great

I have so many positive things to say about the Google Drive app and I’ll try to enumerate them as much as I can. Besides the amazing 15GB of storage space, the app also has an incredibly user-friendly interface.

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From the home screen, I was able to easily create new Docs, Sheets, and Slides files, and view the most recent files I accessed and created, as well as the folders inside My Drive. A few scrolls down and I am able to see even the files that were shared with me by other users.

The three office tools within Google Drive are also compatible with Microsoft Office so I encountered no issues uploading Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files into the drive. I was also able to convert files I created on them into Microsoft versions so my peers were able to easily open them in their computers. 

It is also compatible with multiple other apps, enabling me to do tasks such as electronically sign documents, edit photos and videos, and create lesson plans. Its automatic save function is also a lifesaver because I tend to forget to hit the save button when I’m engrossed in what I’m doing.

Other Perks of Using Google Drive

Access sharing is a main selling point of Google Drive and what makes this more attractive is that I can easily do this by copying the sharing link to a particle file or folder and sending it to my intended recipient. 

I was also able to customize who has access to these files and folders and the type of permission I want to grant them. 

While the app’s functions are mostly online, I was still able to work on files offline by switching them to Offline mode. This enables me to continue my work even if I don’t have internet access and it will just synchronize once I go online.

How to Download the Google Drive App

When you buy an Android smartphone or tablet, Google Drive is likely pre-installed on your device. But in case it isn’t, you can simply go to the Google Play Store and search for the app. Once you find it, tap on the ‘Install’ button and wait for it to finish downloading and installing.

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Meanwhile, iOS users will easily find Google Drive in the Apple App Store as it is currently the #2 app in the Productivity category. Tap on ‘Get’ to begin the download and installation. Log in using your Google account and if you don’t already have one, it’s easy to create in just a few minutes.

Desktop users may download the app from the Google Drive website where you can also use the website interface. Just make sure that you’re logged into your Google account.

Google Drive Paid Subscriptions

Just like any other cloud storage service, Google Drive’s paid subscription plans via Google One are priced based on the amount of storage you will need. The cheapest premium plan the company offers is $1.99 per month for 100GB of storage while 1TB costs $9.99 monthly.

The 1TB storage alone is enough for a desktop PC as long as you don’t create very large files such as high-resolution videos. But in the case that you need bigger cloud storage, the larger capacity premium plans cost $99.99 for 10TB, $199.99 for 20TB, and $299.99 for 20TB, monthly.


Google Drive is a great app whether you’re an Android or iOS user. As someone who’s suffered because of non-expandable phone storage, this is surely a lifesaver and will keep you from going through the pain of deleting photos and other files that you hold dearly to your heart. It’s also an overall great tool for workers as well as students.

The collaboration and sharing functions of Google Drive are most welcome now that studying and working from home is the norm. If you’re still hesitating on downloading this app, I assure you that there is nothing to be doubtful about, and using this will surely benefit you in more ways than one.