Learn How To Download The “Your Phone Companion” App

Learn How To Download The “Your Phone Companion” App

Mobile phones are possibly the most fantastic form of innovation that has ever happened to humanity so far. Why? They are handy, and you can access all forms of technology through a little sophisticated device that can be placed in your pocket.

What happens when you are using your laptop then? The centralized advantage of your mobile phone is lost. With problems come solutions, and why Your Phone Companion was created.

Stay tuned and learn more about Your Companion App and how to download it. In this article, I will specifically focus on the following sections:

  • About The App
  • Features Of The App
  • Access The Photos On Your Mobile Device From Your PC On A Larger Screen
  • The Ability To Copy And Paste Content Between Your PC And Phone
  • How To Use The App
  • Tips On How To Connect iOS Devices
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About The App

Your Phone Companion, as the name implies, is an app that serves as your phone buddy. It extends the greatness of your mobile phone, making it accessible on your laptop. Your Phone Companion app is a Microsoft-owned application used to connect Android or iOS devices to Windows 10 devices.

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It is free and includes numerous features such as receiving calls and SMS, viewing photos, transferring and sending a file, copy and paste the same things across phones and Windows PC, among other features.

If you are like me using the most recent Windows 10 PC, the Your Phone Companion app comes preinstalled; otherwise, you will have to download it manually. On Pc, the app is named “Your Phone,” while on mobile devices, it is named “Your Phone Companion.”

To download, open the Microsoft Store app on your PC and search for “Your Phone.” From the list of options, select the first one. Click the “Download” button and complete the app’s installation on your device.

How To Download The App On Mobile Devices

Your Companion App is available for download on the Google Play Store. To download, you can go to the Google Play Store and search for “Your Phone Companion.”

On the app’s installation page, click the “Install” button to begin the download. For some latest Samsung devices, including the new Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note20 series, you need not download the app at all.

It comes preinstalled in these devices as “Link to Windows.”

Features Of The App

There are several features of the Your Phone Companion app, of which I have mentioned some already. Unfortunately, not all features are accessible to every Android device.

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There are some limitations by devices to some of these features mentioned in this article. Make and Receive Calls Through Your PC: With the app, you can stay connected with friends, family, and other essential calls while working with your PC.

If you are like me and have your phone on vibration mode all the time, you may miss important calls that come in while you are busy with your PC. With the app, you would not have to miss those anymore. With the app, you do not have to be distracted by your mobile phone, but you want to stay updated.

You can place a call through directly from your PC while accessing your mobile device. This feature’s requirement is a Windows 10 PC running the May 2019 update or later and a Bluetooth capability for your PC.

Reply To SMS Anytime Through Your PC

Similar to how important phone calls are, a critical SMS can be a bust when missed. That is where the importance of the app also comes in. The need to be constantly be checking your phone while working or seeing a good movie on your PC would not be necessary.

That is because you would have access to your phone’s SMS as they come in. “Dear Joanne, your Netflix subscription expires in two days. Kindly extend your plan to enjoy premium benefits.” Depending on the person seeing something like this, this may be a vast opportunity passing you by.

Other essential notifications may be about a job you applied for, a scholarship, and so on. Being up-to-date with notifications as they come in can be very crucial. Clicking on the “Notifications” tab will let you see all the recent notifications you’ve gotten from your phone on your PC.

Access The Photos On Your Mobile Device From Your PC On A Larger Screen

Do you not just love a bigger screen? I believe in bigger is better. With Your Companion App, you can view your entire photo gallery, albums, and photo collages on your PC.

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A magnified picture can bring out the essence of an image. A plus, you do not need to zoom in and zoom out all the time, as you would be viewing the image from a larger screen.

Features Not Accessible To All

Now, this is not a Premium quality versus a Free version of the app we have here. As I have mentioned earlier in the article, some phones have a wider range of benefits they offer. So far, the mobile devices that have the features to be mentioned are flagship Samsung devices.

These Samsung phones include the Samsung Galaxy S21 and Samsung Galaxy Note20 series currently. And with these phones, a pre-installed Your Companion app comes with the name “Link to Windows.”

Perhaps, with updates, these versions would be made accessible for all devices. But, for now, only these users enjoy the following benefits.

The Ability To Copy And Paste Content Between Your PC And Phone

Have you ever looked for some text you copied and saved on your clipboard forever and then realize, “Oh, I copied that on my phone.”? That can be pretty frustrating at times.

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When using the app and connecting both devices, you can share copied text or content across devices. This has saved me an enormous amount of time; I never have to look at the information that I have copied between my phone and pc; it is already perfect.

Or to start typing the text from your PC all over because of that. No more! Note that a Windows 10 PC running the October 2018 update or later is required for this feature. Want to go wireless in sharing files?

Send files across devices without using a USB cord or another app to help. Your Phone Companion does this seamlessly. A Windows 10 PC running the October 2018 update or later is required for this feature as well.

Access Your Favorite Mobile Apps On Your PC

This feature cuts through certain apps that allow this feature for few apps. You can use your mobile applications on your PC directly. But remember, this feature does not apply to all phones yet.

You also need to have a PC with a Windows 10 OS running the May 2020 update or later and has at least 8GB of RAM. You also have the feature to mirror the phone screen. This feature is a wireless way to mirror your phone on a larger screen.

Watch movies directly from your phone on your PC without having to send them. There are tons of other examples of fun stuff that can be done with this feature.

How To Use The App

From PC: Launch Your Phone app on your PC. Select Android from the list of phone models. You would need to sign in to your Microsoft account. The same Microsoft account on your Android device and PC is required to be signed into to link your devices.

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The app will then display a QR code on the screen for you to scan. Once you’ve signed in, select the “I have the Your Phone Companion app installed on my phone” check box. Then select the Pair with QR code button if you want to connect via QR code.

However, if you’d like to pair your device manually, select the “Pair manually” button on your PC instead. Then, on your Android device, you should input the code shown on your PC. Scanning the QR code or imputing the code correctly will connect both devices.

Android device

Launch Your Phone Companion app on your mobile device. Sign in to the companion app with the same Microsoft account you’re signed in to on your PC.

You then have to scan a QR code that’s displayed on your PC. To get to it, on your PC, open a browser to “aka.ms/linkphone.” After that, use the companion app’s camera to scan the QR code on your PC, and then you will be connected.

Tips On How To Connect iOS Devices

You must have figured out that the app is only available on the Google Play Store. Where does that leave iOS users? Fortunately, there is a way to go around this and enjoy these features.

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First, you need to download the Microsoft Edge app from the App Store. Once downloaded and installed, open a web page of any browser you want and click on the “Continue on PC icon,” located at the bottom center of your screen.

After that, select the PC you’d like to move to. This should display your PC if you are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Confirm this, and you are good to go.

Pairing Tip

You could also pair manually by imputing a code shown on the PC. For Surface Duo and flagship Samsung devices, the same steps apply; the apps vary (Link to Windows).


There is technology, and there is also fun technology</a>; in this article, I discussed some of the Your Phone Companion’s fun features, how you could download and use the app.

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi Through The App

How To Connect Alexa To Wifi Through The App

One of the best voice assistants out there would undoubtedly be Amazon Alexa, an innovation from Amazon. Of the several things, Alexa helps make our life easier and more comfortable.

I can ask Alexa for its assistance, and this Artificial Intelligence device will do its best to get the tasks done. 

So how do we get started on using Amazon Echo and Alexa? What do we need to know about the genius AI technology, and how do we use the app and get it connected to a Wi-Fi connection? I will share helpful information on all of this in this article.

  • What Is Alexa
  • Getting The Amazon Alexa App
  • How To Set Up Amazon Echo
  • How To Change The Wake-Word
  • How To Connect To A Wi-Fi Network
  • Still, Having Problems?
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What Is Alexa

First, let us do a brief introduction or recap on Alexa. Alexa is an AI technology developed by Amazon. It uses Artificial intelligence to serve as a virtual assistant, but it uses voice recognition in this case. It was first embedded in Amazon Echo smart speakers serving dual functionality. 

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These days, it is not limited to these speakers alone. Alexa works on several devices that have or allows Alexa integration. Its voice recognition feature is high-tech and can be recognized when receiving signals from any part of the room. That ensures that you do not have to be close to the Amazon Echo device. 

With this technology, you can get a range of things done like booking flights, setting up appointments, playing music, and much more. All of this is achieved through the powerful voice recognition feature, which is initiated by using the wake-word, “Alexa.” I do not have to use the wake-word Alexa; I can customize it to a different word. 

How To Use Alexa

To use Amazon’s Alexa, all you need to do is purchase any Amazon Echo smart speaker. There are several smart speakers of varying sizes and functionalities and can be purchased on Amazon.

Lots of devices come with the Alexa Voice Service (AVS) already installed. Amazon allows device manufacturers to integrate the AVS into their devices at no cost. By shopping around, I can find several Android, iOS, and Amazon devices integrated with Alexa.

If my device does not have the Amazon Alexa app, I can install the application myself. As soon as the Alexa app is installed on my device, I can start using voice commands to complete my tasks efficiently. 

Getting The Amazon Alexa App

In the next section, I want to share a step-by-step guide on how I downloaded my own Alexa App. I use an iOS device, but the Alexa app can be downloaded on Android and Amazon devices. The steps I will share still apply; the only difference is in the digital store you will need to use in your initial step.

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For iOS users like myself, the Amazon Alexa app can be found on the App Store. Android users can directly link to the Google Play Store and Amazon users to the Amazon App Store.

Installing The Amazon Alexa App

You could search directly or use the links I provided earlier. After that, click the “Install” button, accept all the requirements for the app, and install it on your device. 

The requirements to accept would include device audio, access to other applications, and some other requirements. None of which will harm you as the user.

After the successful download and installation, you are all set to use the app. Before you jump, you will have to configure some of the settings on the app so that the app can work for you. 

How To Set Up Amazon Echo

In this article, I would be focused more on using the Amazon Echo to access Alexa. That is because it requires a little bit of technicality compared to other devices that allow Alexa integration.

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In this article, I work with the assumption that you already have an Amazon Echo device and have successfully downloaded and installed the Amazon Alexa on your device. If you have not done so, then follow the instructions above to successfully install the application before continuing. 

Setting Up Amazon Echo

The first step in setting up your Amazon Echo would require that you plug your Amazon Echo device in and wait for a few moments for the ring at the top to turn to orange light. If perhaps, it shows purple light, manually press the button with the dot in the middle (the Action button) for a few seconds until it shows an orange light once again. 

After that, open the Amazon Alexa app on your device, and click the hamburger menu button at the top left corner. This would bring up a list of customizable options. Click on the option that reads “Add Device.” That would also lead you to a setup page. On the screen, under the section “All Devices,” click “Amazon Echo.” 

Then select the type of Echo you are using or plan to use in that setup. After this step, you need to follow the instructions on the setup page. After that, you would need to connect your phone to the Echo network. Go to your device settings, and click on “Wi-Fi.” Connect to the network that starts with “Amazon.” The last step is to connect your Echo device to a Wi-Fi network to access Alexa. 

How To Change The Wake-Word

Before we connect to Wi-Fi, you may need to scan through this step to know how to change your wake-word. 

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I stated earlier that the “Amazon” wake-word could be changed; in this section, I explain how to change your wake-word. 

Setting Up The Wake-Word

Open the Alexa app on your device. Then, click on the hamburger menu button at the top left corner of your screen. It is essential to mention that this menu button is where various configurations happen and can be sorted out. This includes setting up an Echo location, setting up news, linking up music services, and much more.

When setting up your wake-word, you will use the same hamburger menu and tap on “Settings.” On the Settings page, tap on “Device Settings” and select the Echo device you want to configure.

After that, tap on “Wake Word,” which will, in turn, display a list of options. Select from a list of wake-words including “Alexa,” “Amazon,” “Echo,” and “Computer.” After selecting the appropriate wake-word, your wake-word will update, and you will now make use of your newly saved wake-word.

How To Connect To A Wi-Fi Network

We know that Alexa cannot tell you a silly joke without an internet connection, no matter how hard you try. You can test it out by asking Alexa a question; you will see that the orange light at the top of your device will turn red if Alexa cannot find an internet connection. 

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You may want to connect to a Wi-Fi connection for the first time or use a different Wi-Fi network when you move to a new house or are visiting a friend’s apartment. In the following steps, I will lead you to quickly set up a Wi-Fi connection in any of these scenarios. 

Setting Up A Wi-Fi Connection On Alexa

First off, pick up your device and open the Amazon Alexa app. At the bottom right corner of your screen, you should see an icon called “Devices.” Click on this icon. On the “Devices” page, Echo and Alexa should be shown. If not, you need to set up Amazon Echo repeatedly and follow the steps in the previous section. If you see the devices, you can click on your specific devices and proceed.

Select the particular Echo device you want to connect to and move to the next setting. On the next page, select the “Wi-Fi-Network” option and click on “Change.” Follow the rest of the instructions that will display, and choose the Wi-Fi connection you want to use.

To confirm if you are actively connected to a Wi-Fi network, follow all the previously mentioned steps for the particular Echo device you want to set up. Your device should have an “Online” status at this point. If the status is “Offline,” it means that your device is not connected correctly, and you might have missed a step somewhere. 

Still, Having Problems?

I will take a bold step and say that this section of the article might not be necessary at all. Following the previous steps correctly, you should not have any problems setting up your device.

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But, if you have followed all the steps to connect to a Wi-Fi connection in this article, and you still experience problems, then check out the YouTube video at the end of this article. Perhaps the visual guidelines will quickly help resolve your issue. 

An easy step to try out is to turn off your Amazon Echo device and repeat the process all over again. This is a basic troubleshooting step that might sort out your problems in no time. 

Manual Wi-Fi Connection

If you are still having problems, you can manually connect by pressing the Action button on the Echo device (the button with a dot at the center) at the last part of connecting to the Wi-Fi. That should force-connect you to the Wi-Fi in question.

If this still does not work, the problem might be from your Internet Service provider or router. Check your router settings and make sure there are no restrictions whatsoever preventing you from connecting.

You could also send a direct complaint to Amazon Alexa customer service for professional help.


Alexa is the brain powering Amazon Echo devices has become a technology used by individuals, in homes, and for tasks clearing. It offers a simplistic way of achieving this by using voice commands. But first, to enjoy the perks of Alexa, you must properly set it up. 

This article covered all the setting up processes from the app, the way to connect to Wi-Fi. It also added some tips and troubleshooting steps to take in case of difficulties.