Choosing The Ideal Tattoo – Learn How To Download Tattoodo

Choosing The Ideal Tattoo – Learn How To Download Tattoodo

By now, we can say that tattoo applications have become prevalent, and that they are the new platform to access the culture digitally. Tattoodo is a Copenhagen-based firm and the leading digital platform for tattoo culture and traditions in the world. 

The app’s goal is to gather and spread the love for tattoo art while providing unique material and new services to the tattoo community. Tattoodo now has over 2 billion content streams. From crafted motivation displays to informative posts on the craft and artist recommendations, the #1 tattoo app has something to offer to us. 

Tattoodo makes the first steps in a user’s tattoo experience easier by putting all of the necessary details into one application. A group of high-profile founders has contributed $2.5 million to the company. This article has listed different topics about Tattoodo and how it greatly impacted the tattoo industry. 

  • What Is Tattoodo?
  • How It Works For Artists
  • Clients Vs. Artists
  • How To Build An Artist Profile In Tattoodo
  • Guidelines For Clients
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What Is Tattoodo?

“Everything tattoo” is the tagline of the app. More than just being a slogan, this phrase emphasizes Tattoodo’s vision to support the tattoo culture and the people in it. Tattoodo is a lifestyle website that aspires to become a one-stop destination for the tattoo community. 

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Content, graphics, and artist interviews are available on the web to use and get inspired from. Users may collaborate with designers to discover the right concept by posting an idea and collecting input and sketches via the platform. 

As the market evolves and expands, the firm caters to and modifies ways to promote artists. It also develops a digital offering, a booking app to help users, artists, and tattoo studios have a better experience. 

Tattoodo has undoubtedly increased public awareness of the tattoo industry. For a long time, the tattoo community has been left behind closed doors. Many of us have been put off by the thought of going to an “old-fashioned” tattoo place, where we are too puzzled or scared to get inked. 

Education Is Key

Tattoodo is working to solve these issues by providing advanced, high-quality tattoo material to inform and familiarize us with the industry. It has also taken into consideration media platforms. More tattoo material is now available on these social media sites than ever before. 

The platform’s exposure to higher-level artists aids many consumers in recognizing premium work and distinguishing it from lower-quality works. Tattoodo’s network benefits people from all walks of life. 

From the perspective of an artist, being listed on Tattoodo is highly rated and appreciated, as many artists regard this group as knowledgeable. On the other hand, clients regard the website as an inspiring resource for viewing high-quality portraits produced by well-known artists. 

How It Works For Artists

The company is now putting in place a secure location where we can look for artists who could be a good match for our theme, arrange a session with them directly on the site, and have a remote consultation. However, it also provides artists with all the resources they would need to promote such an encounter.

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If you are an artist, Tattoodo has a lot more to offer than mentioned above. The artists can remotely connect with the clients, from setting up an appointment to processing payments. All of the Tattoodo Leads will be visible in our profile as an artist. 

We have the option of starting a dialogue with someone who has made a request that suits our style. We’ll need to be vigilant with our marketing and reply to any new lead if we want to excel with Tattoodo Leads and keep our records full. 

We’ll also get daily emails and push alerts to summarize all new Tattoodo Leads in our present location. When a customer sees our profile and needs to schedule a meeting or appointment, they will do so right away by submitting a message on our account. 

Communication Is Extremely Important

We’ll be sure to establish our availability and connect directly with clients through the app or the internet. Client payment requests may also be sent and received. For a smooth operation, it’s important to communicate with customers. 

Communication is essential to ensure that the customer knows who, when, where, and how the meeting will proceed, how we will deliver a message, or send a bill. In-app or on the internet, artists can securely contact every Tattoodo Lead or book the lead directly. 

There are pre-programmed “Quick Replies” on the mobile app that we can use. As artists, we can use Stripe to set up our account to accept payments or deposits directly from the smartphone app. In the event of a no-show, we will be reimbursed for our deposit. Once we’ve joined Tattoodo as an artist, we’ll have to go through a separate Stripe setup process.

Clients Vs. Artists

As I have mentioned, the Tattoodo app highlights two perspectives, artists and clients. The app is designed to help artists get bookings all in one spot and integrates with social media to convert subscribers into bookings. 

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Artists can communicate with customers more quickly here. They can respond quickly, arrange meetings, and demand transfers and payments. Artists will also get 10x extra publicity to clients through a premium profile. 

Artists may now get real-time updates and communicate with clients who order tattoos in the cities they want. Tattoo artists should try Tattoodo Pro for free for 30 days to start growing their company and market.

The Client’s Side Of Things

The app provides millions of tattoo ideas to clients and helps us to save our favorites. We will browse for tattoo patterns, designs, and motifs at our leisure. 

We can also interact with leading tattoo artists and studios and like and follow the accounts of our favorite tattoo artists from all over the world. 

We will conveniently schedule our tattoo appointments as clients by submitting a scheduling order and calling artists.

How To Build An Artist Profile In Tattoodo

If we want to create a profile as an artist on Tattoodo, we’ll need to write a compelling bio that describes us and our work. For any artist or studio, a comprehensive biography is necessary. It’s a chance to tell customers about the culture, design, ideology, and hygiene habits.

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Setting up our studio location and other information about our place is essential to inform clients of our venue. We have the option of creating a new listing or joining an existing Tattoodo studio

We’ll pick our place and set our hours of operation. This process is done upon signing up, and after a 48-hour validation process from the Tattoodo team, the studio will be added.

Once we’ve finished setting up our store, it’s time to list our style specialties. We should showcase our designs on our profile so that it appears when people look for us or book our service. Tattoodo, like most social media sites, needs photos so that clients can get a sense of our work and style. 

How To Download The Tattoodo App

Tattoodo is accessible through the website. We can also install it on our Android smartphone through the Google Play Store. For IOS devices, we can download it through the App Store

We may also visit Tattoodo’s YouTube channel to watch featured videos about the community. We can watch several tattoo session videos for inspiration once we decided to get inked. 

Guidelines For Clients

For clients, we may find and save ideas for the next tattoo. We can also establish tattoo boards that can act as a starting point for our next session by checking tags, sites, artists, or designs. We’ll create our 1st board with designs and tattoos we like during the sign-up phase. 

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When we’re ready to find and hire artists after, we’ve sought ideas and saved related photographs. We may look for local artists/studios in the explore tab depending on the place or in a different area.

Making The Booking 

It’s time to schedule our next appointment after selecting our favorite tattooists, designers, or studios. On the Book tab in the app, we have two choices for making an appointment as a customer. 

We have to complete a brief that includes the following information: venue, date, positioning, scale, budget, and picture references. We must be honest and practical about the cost, scale, and information about the tattoo we planned to get. 

Our message will be forwarded to designers, who will call us to discuss our tattoo and consult with us to schedule an appointment.

The Bottom Line

Tattoodo is the birthplace of tattoo culture around the world. With personalized motivation and direction, we make the tattoo experience easier for artists and customers. As an artist, it’s critical that we grasp the full scope of the Tattoodo platform and customize our profile, and have the best possible experience. 

For tattoo lovers, we can compile works by various artists from all over the world.